Scientists hopeful tiny ocean zooplankton will help tell if climate change targets are met

Scientists have found some of the smallest animals in the ocean are having a big impact in the fight against climate change. Key points: Data being collected from the deep waters of the Southern Ocean is allowing scientists to directly measure the impacts of global climate change Hobart-based scientists have been monitoring changes in the … Read more

‘Dark data’ is killing the planet – we need digital decarbonisation

In 2020, digitization was purported to generate 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In 2020, digitization was purported to generate 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. More than half of the digital data firms generate is collected, processed and stored for single-use purposes. Often, it is never reused. This could be your multiple near-identical images … Read more

The Senate Just Quietly Passed a Major Climate Treaty

What if the Senate passed an international climate treaty—a pact so powerful that it could avert nearly 1 degree Fahrenheit of global warming—and nobody noticed? That’s more or less what happened a week ago. Last Wednesday, the Senate ratified the Kigali Amendment, a treaty that will phase out the world’s use of hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, … Read more

Honestly? The Link Between Climate Change and Hurricanes Is Complicated

Hurricane Ian is one of the most destructive hurricanes ever to hit Florida. A day after the storm made landfall, hundreds of people have been rescued and, as of this morning, millions were without power. President Joe Biden has indicated that early reports suggest “substantial loss of life,” but no firm numbers have been confirmed. … Read more

Hurricane Ian and the trend of rapidly intensifying storms

Data: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Note: Category 5 intensity begins at 157 mph; Chart: Madison Dong/Axios Visuals Hurricane forecasters’ worst nightmare came true on Wednesday morning, when what had been a Category 3 storm Tuesday night suddenly jumped almost to Category 5. Why it matters: It used to be rare for storms to keep … Read more

More climate-tech investments needed for a sustainable, green future

The first two weeks of September saw parts of India’s startup hub, Bengaluru, submerged under water. Excessive rainfall in a La Nina year, coupled with urban expansion built over natural water pools (lakes) resulted in multiple low-lying areas seeing several feet of waterlogging. The increase in urban population across India has led to changes in … Read more

The High Stakes of Climate-Risk Accounting by Gernot Wagner & Tom Brookes

Although businesses and investors stand to make a lot of money if they can properly navigate the new risk environment, no one seems to have a good explanation for why we are where we are. Climate risks, in particular, have been systematically underestimated, and thus mispriced, for decades. NEW YORK – Economists are supposed to … Read more

Why hurricanes are getting more expensive

A version of this story appears in CNN’s What Matters newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. CNN — After it made landfall in Cuba early Tuesday, Hurricane Ian is bearing down on Florida, with more than 1.75 million people under mandatory evacuation orders across the state. Follow the latest … Read more

Manchin’s New Bill Could Lead to One Big Climate Win

Sign up for The Weekly Planet, Robinson Meyer’s newsletter about living through climate change, here. About a year ago, one of the worst things that can happen to any climate journalist happened to me: I started to care about power lines. I began to care, specifically, about transmission lines, the subset of power lines that … Read more

What Progressives Misunderstand About Fighting Climate Change

Since the 1960s, fighting for the environment has frequently meant fighting against corporations. To curb pollution, activists have worked to thwart new oil drillingcoal-fired power plants, fracking for natural gas, and fuel pipelines. But today, Americans face a climate challenge that can’t be solved by just saying no again and again. Decarbonizing the economy will … Read more